Cornish Blue

Cornish Blue was the very first cheese we created. Once
Philip decided to diversify into cheesemaking he noticed there wasn't a blue cheese in the UK that fitted the flavour profile for those that found traditional English blue cheeses such as Stilton too strong and saw a perfect opportunity to introduce a much smoother creamier alternative that mainly targeted the female audience. After doing some research and just over 12 months of trialling he was finally happy with recipe and in 2001 Cornish Blue became available to the market. 
It started by personally driving around and supplying just a
handful of local deli's and farm shops who were part of the
initial trialling process that provided invaluable feedback as
we tweaked the recipe and method to get the cheese we
were after. You can see a step by step how we make the
Cornish Blue by click here.
Since then, the cheese has grown in popularity after picking 
up various awards over the years and these days is known on more of a national scale but still using the same method Philip used when first creating the cheese. The cheese has even been spotted in different parts of the world over the years including America, Middle East and Australia!
The cheese itself is designed to be eaten as a young cheese,
only being matured between 8-14 weeks depending on the size. Its flavour can be described as mild and creamy, with a dense texture and buttery richness, instead of the ‘salty tang’
common of other traditional blue cheeses it has a gentle
sweetness. We now sell it in various formats which include 
whole cheeses, pre-packed wedges and in a ceramic pot.
Our proudest moment came when Cornish Blue won the 
World Champion Cheese at the 2010 World Cheese Awards
beating over 3,000 cheeses from around the world. It came
at a complete surprise to everyone especially because Philip didn't even taste the cheese he entered! If that wasn't enough we went back the next year and came runner-up which is completely unheard of. Gaining recognition from some of the best cheese judges in the world changed our very small business and allowed us to extend our cheesemaking and maturing facility to be able to cope with bigger demand.