Cornish Brie

Our Cornish Brie recipe actually dates back to when
we first started making cheese in 2001. We had 4
different styled cheeses but only one fridge so our
problem was that the Cornish Blue mould would become airborne and land on the other cheeses that weren't meant to be blue. Due to this we had to stop making the other 3 cheeses while we concentrated on the blue and grew that over the coming years.


In 2018 we decided that we wanted to start producing these original cheeses again but to do so had to create a completely separate environment, so work began on a new dairy that is next door to our existing blue one. In
2021, work finished on the dairy and in the summer we
began trialling the Cornish Brie again. After 3 months of
adjusting the method to fit the new equipment we were
really happy with the result and launched it to market just in time for Christmas. 


After being on the market for just 10 days the brie had already won it's first award and picked up a Bronze in its category at the World Cheese Awards which we were chuffed with as it showed all the hard work with the trialling was getting the recognition it deserved. We would describe the brie as a full flavoured, soft ripened bloomy brie with a creamy taste and melting, smooth texture.  The rich and creamy Cornish milk gives it a characteristic yellow, buttery colour that melts in your


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