Can I eat my cheese after the best before date?

Yes, the best before date is only a guidance for quality. As cheese is constantly maturing it won't officially go off but instead just become stronger in taste.


Does the surface mould on the cheese mean it has gone off?

No not at all, this is a result of the good bacteria the cheese develops growing after the cheese has been cut. If you don't want to eat the mould it should easily scrape off the surface to give you the look you will be more familiar with.


How long does the cheese take to mature?

This all depends on the type and size of cheese, our cheese range from 3 weeks for our brie to 14 weeks for our blue. 


What's the best way to store my cheese?

We recommend wrapping the cheese in tin foil or waxed paper to avoid the cheese drying out and a plastic box would be a bonus if you have one.