Cornish Jack

Cornish Jack is based on a Swiss, farmhouse emmenthal recipe handmade by artisan cheesemakers Lawrence and Rosie at the Padstow Cheese Company based near Port Isaac. The cheeses are matured between 4 and 6 months and during this time the small, irregular ‘eyes’ form within the curd by the production of gas, which is distinctive to this type of cheese. This development is crucial to the flavour and the longer its matured the stronger it gets.

The cheese flavour profile is slightly sweet and nutty with a tangy fruitiness to the finish and the Cornish milk creates a lovely creaminess throughout. Lawrence and Rosie have also gone on to create a smoked version which is also fantastic.

Since on the market it has picked up some prestigious awards including, best hard cheese at the Great British Cheese Awards in 2018 as well as Gold standard and highly commended at the Artisan Cheese Awards in 2018.