Cornish Nanny

Cornish Nanny was first created in 2016 as an adapted version of our Cornish Blue. With a growing interest into goats cheese and the health benefits from goats milk we decided to try making a blue goats cheese with exactly the same method and recipe as the cows milk but changing the milk. With goat milk having high levels of calcium and lower in lactose than cows milk a lot of people see it as the healthier option, in saying that both are filled with natural minerals, proteins and fats. 

I think everyone was surprised how well it worked with our
current system with the cheese becoming a little firmer but
keeping the mild creamy taste our blues are known for. The goats milk also adds a completely new complex flavour to the cheese with a lovely nutty after taste. This is a much more specialist cheese in our collection and we only make small volumes so if its available make sure you get your hands on some to try!

Since launching the cheese in 2017 it has gone on to win some big awards such as Best Blue Goats Cheese at the 2018 International Cheese Awards and Champion Cheese at the Taste of the West Awards in 2019.

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