As a family run business we are always working to improve our carbon footprint and reduce our impact on the environment. These are some of the examples we already have in place!


On the Farm

We use solar panel energy to help power the electric for the dairy and farm buildings in order to reduce our consumption from the national grid and make the most of our lovely Cornish sun.



Using locally sourced milk means the fresh milk can be in the diary within a matter of hours to make the quality of the cheese as good as possible. As well as this we use heat recovery systems that recycle and clean the air from our pasteuriser rooms in order to heat our cheesemaking rooms.



For all of our packing we use materials that are recycled, recyclable and biodegradable to help combat the unnecessary waste.

Food Waste

We have partnered up with Too Good To Go on their mission to reduce food waste globally with the 'Look, Smell, Waste, Don't Waste' campaign to encourage our customers to identify the difference between a best before and a use by date. With cheese being a living product it won't go off but will mature into a stronger cheese!