Cornish Blue, honey walnut bruschetta recipe

Cornish Blue, honey walnut bruschetta recipe


6 slices of baguette grilled

6 slices of Cornish Blue cheese

6 apple wedges (1cm)

6 walnut halves

2 Tbsp. of Cornish Wildflower honey

1 Tbsp. olive oil

1 Tbsp. butter

2 passiflora fruits

Edible flowers to decorate



Heat a griddle plate/pan. Slice the baguette into 1cm slices and butter on both sides.

Grill the baguette slices for 1 – 2 minutes until toasted on both sides. Set aside in an airtight container until required. 

Whist the griddle is still hot, prepare the apple. Slice the apple and remove the core, then place it straight on the griddle and drizzle with a little olive oil. This should only take 1 minute. The apple should still be firm but have a few nice lines on it.

Remove from the griddle and lay out on a sheet of greased proof paper to cool.

Lay out an extra piece of greased proof paper for the honey walnut toffee.

Place the honey in a saucepan over a medium heat and start reducing it. When it starts to bubble add the walnuts and stir it around for 30 seconds. At this stage the honey should become thick. Quickly pour it on to the grease proof paper and let it cool, then tear into pieces once it’s completely cooled down.


Slice the blue cheese, cut the passiflora and prepare the edible flowers.


To assemble:

Lay out the bruschetta on wooden board, slate or plate.

Start with the blue cheese, then charred apple, honey walnut toffee and then the passiflora seeds.

Decorate with the edible flowers.